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Cg Brumby - Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers#4

Cg Brumby - TTT #4
Tuesdays are one day away from hump day. Why not explore your erotic twilight fantasies and have a Tantalizing Tuesday? Enjoy the short snippets of stories here. I will endeavour to post new shorts every Tuesday. I hope you will enjoy my offerings. Please leave your comments. Thank you. - Cg

Hello to you lovers of all things sensual and erotic... Tantalizing Tuesday will be host to very short teaser stories of 200 words - no more, no less. Stories are inspired by a picture. I do hope you come back and check out our page for your next Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser...

July 3, 2012 - Thicket of ash #4

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Thicket of Ash ©2012 Cg Brumby #4

Worlds apart and I cannot stop thinking about her.
The painful memory is burned into my dark soul.
My home was her carefree laughter, and her warm embrace curbed the winter chill.
She knew nothing of the monster lurking within.
Deceiving her was wrong, but I am damned without choice. It’s who I am.
She trusted me and I abused that trust.
Open arms lured her with the sound of a mesmerising melody where every delicious throb from her slow beating heart orchestrated her demise as I drank.
Seduced like many before, she fell under my hypnotic trance.
My conscience is long dead, but in our tangled dance through that ice-cold thicket I felt love’s familiar stinging prick. Did I fall in love?
Demons from my past, haunt me still.
Such playful poses, those ridiculous heels; as if she could match my height.
All I have to hold are these ashes.
This eternal thorny crown is all that bears her name.
Cruel is my penance for taking love and crushing it without thought for tomorrow.
Gone is the home of laughter, extinguished by winter’s kiss.
Thicket of ash, I bathe in your frozen stare, and walk condemned by lustrous shadows.

* * *

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Molly Synthia:


  1. That makes me want to cry. So haunting and sad, but lovely too. Well done Cg

  2. Great imagery. I like how you use the thorns.

  3. Amazing and beautiful. So much sorrow and loneliness and regret. All I can say :)

  4. That was sad and beautiful Cg. Your descriptions were so articulate. AMAZING!

  5. Superb! Poetic imagery at it's very best, l loved every line!

  6. Number one: you chose a beautiful photo. But your story reads like poetry of love's pain and injury. Each line expresses a thousand emotions. Great writing!

  7. Wowzers! I'm intrigued by your work. Great teaser!

  8. Beautifully written piece. I'm not a big poetry fan but I definitely enjoyed that

  9. I love how each line shines the poetic beauty of a cleverly written piece.
    Wtg Cg!

  10. Loved this one. Sad but beautifully written.