Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cg Brumby - Twilight Fantasies: Cg Brumby - Twilight Fantasies: Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers #3

Cg Brumby - Twilight Fantasies: Cg Brumby - Twilight Fantasies: Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers#3

Tuesdays are one day away from hump day. Why not explore your erotic twilight fantasies and have a Tantalizing Tuesday? Enjoy the short snippets of stories here. I will endeavour to post new shorts every Tuesday. I hope you will enjoy my offerings. Please leave your comments. Thank you. - Cg

Hello to you lovers of all things sensual and erotic... Tantalizing Tuesday will be host to very short teaser stories of 200 words - no more, no less. Stories are inspired by a picture. I do hope you come back and check out our page for your next Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser...

June 26, 2012

Gemma and Johnny Avoid a Fine ©2012 Cg Brumby #3

Knocking at their fogged up window, a flashlight shattered her euphoric bliss. Johnny rolled the window down. ‘Can I help you?’

‘Step out of the car,’ ordered the bulky officer. Glancing at Gemma, a wicked grin spread across his handsome face. ‘Your girl too.’ Dishevelled and half naked, the lovers stood self-consciously by their vehicle. ‘Let me watch.’

The policeman’s statement made Gemma’s skin crawl, but Johnny got right back to fondling her breasts. Johnny’s erect cock parted her puffy pussy lips then slipped inside the slick sheath.

‘Oh, Gemma,’ Johnny moaned, as her body beat against the side of the car.

‘Good,’ the handsome policeman moaned while slowly peeling his uniform off. Standing naked beside Gemma, he stroked his erect cock along her quivering thigh.  ‘Touch me,’ he breathed.

‘All right,’ Johnny groaned, wrapping his hand around the hot, thick shaft.  Johnny pumped the steely gland with unusual glee.

‘Johnny!’ Gemma cried as the policeman locked his mouth over hers, preventing the escape of her orgasmic scream.

Slow hip thrusts from the policeman into Johnny’s palm made him hard. Taboo, erotic, tantalizing thoughts sizzled through in his mind as he blew his load inside Gemma’s tight cunt.


  1. Wow, Cg. That was HOT! I would have loved to read more about that scene! I need air!

  2. Hot and fun, Cg! Sounds like Gemma's in for an eye-opener about her boyfriend. Question is, will she want to play along? ;)

  3. Sizzling teaser Cg. Very beautifully crafted.

  4. Now that's what I'm talking about. Who doesn't love a menege? I loved your post! hot, hot,hot!!!

  5. I don't remember any of this! Joking aside it was a hot post and left me wondering whether or not Gemma was entirely happy about the situation!

  6. Well that's one way to avoid a fine :-) Schorching TTT!

  7. Poor Gemma I think Johnny has a different taste in mind!

  8. Gemma needs to let go and enjoy herself, lucky girl. Hot post!

  9. Wow that was hot! And the best way to avoid a fine.

  10. Not sure if the officer was more interested in Gemma or Johnny, That makes it Steamy Hott and wanting more.....

    1. That's the whole idea..... I think a second tease might clear this little matter up and shock some readers...but that will happen when I feel like exploring into the tangled world of M/M/F.... Right now, it's far too taboo for me to delve into. Will see what the future brings.