Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cg Brumby - Twilight Fantasies: Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers#2

Cg Brumby - Twilight Fantasies: Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers

Hello to you lovers of all things sensual and erotic... Tantalizing Tuesday will be host to very short teaser stories of 200 words - no more, no less. Stories are inspired by a picture. I do hope you come back and check out our page for your next Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser..

TUESDAY 19th JUNE 2012 - Farmer's Daughter #2

Farmer’s Daughter ©2012 Cg Brumby

Cool grass hid Carrie’s toes as the wind blew through her cotton skirt. She enjoyed teasing her lover, Justin. The erotic, panty free, hip-swaying performance aroused his sleeping giant while his hands proved more than enough to get her juices flowing. Carrie’s long, tanned legs kept Justin enslaved to the musky feminine scent between.

Justin’s thoughts didn’t shy away concerning the impending moment when youthful flesh would unite as one. Every curve of her delicious body had been permanently burned to memory.

Squatting over her illicit lover, Carrie ground her mound against his constricted, nine-inch bulge that grew long and thick down the side of one leg.

Unable to resist Carrie’s succulent, cherry glossed lips, Justin reached up, crushing his mouth to hers. Passions flared beyond control.  Justin unzipped his jeans, freeing his throbbing cock.

Carrie wasted no time impaling her pussy on his shaft. Translucent cloth hid their urgent coupling. Grass stains on her knees after this union would be difficult to explain to her father, but she no longer cared. 

Ecstasy bloomed within the flesh of her bosom. If her father tried to stop her from marrying Justin, she’d run away. Love meant more to Carrie than money.

* * *
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  1. Hott, steamy, seductive She was one lucky girl to get 9 inches! LOL But I loved the story

  2. Not quite the tease although it seemed profoundly teasing to the senses. Hot, without a doubt, sultry and inviting to be sure, erotic, without reservation and sensory beyond most's capability in 200 words or less. I'd more than love to read a story written around this TTT.

  3. Quite a nice, succulent little teaser. Young love, passion, and rebellion all rolled into one. It was cute and brought memories of when I was young as well. Beautifully written Cg. Your stories never disappoint.

  4. I like this teaser a lot. We have to exchange notes on our cowgirl stories next time.