Friday, 27 July 2012

Book Review - The Girl Upstairs

ISBN:  978-1-935757-63-4

Author: Ray Sostre

Genre: Erotic/Romance

Publisher: Romance Divine LLC

Format: PDF File

Review by: Cg Brumby 28/07/2012

I really enjoyed the storyline of The Girl Upstairs.  Ray’s work has come a long way. This story reminded me of the place where I live. Ray brought the story to life by engaging both the male and female point of views. The story was very entertaining. The delicious build up to the inevitable sex scenes were thrilling.  There is plenty of action in this story that is woven together with believable characters and a solid storyline.  Ray keeps true to form throughout the story. You actually feel like you’re meeting ‘The Girl Upstairs’ (Bella) the same time Carlos does.  Meeting a new neighbour can be fun – especially if she comes with a naughty little secret.  I am partial to a man in uniform. I was glad to see this one had a hunky policeman in the character index too! But I would spoil the story if I gave away his identity. You’ll have to read it to find out.

The cover design is hot, the storyline even hotter. As for the multiple typos throughout the book, they were the only disappointing aspect to the sexy tale. If you can overlook the typos, (forgive the editor and publisher) then you might find it worth shelling out $4.99 for the book. For me, I expect better quality when buying a book under a publishing label. If it was from an Independent Author, the typos would be understandable. For the life of me, I cannot understand why a publishing house could miss all the typos that a basic 5th grader could clearly point out.

A little constructive advice for the author and any author reading.

Do’s and Don’ts ….

1.   Never rely on Spell Check! It will not detect the right word in the wrong context. It is unreliable when used as the only editing tool. Also, use a grammar checker. But again, don’t rely on it as your only source for editing.

2. Don’t rely on one beta-reader or one editor before sending your work to a publisher. Use several beta-readers and at least 2 editors.

3. Ask them to be brutally honest. The truth can hurt, but makes better writers.

4. Get them to point out and fix any typos.

5.  Re-read the entire book again prior to sending the book to a completely different set of beta-readers to check the corrections, and scan for any previously missed.

It’s a long process, but when you have it out there for sale, it’s very important to get it right, or be able to fix said typos and re-release a second or third edition. Digital editions are quick, easy, and cheaper to fix than to have several 100,000 copies out there in print with the same typos. That would be embarrassing for anyone, and a costly mistake that could cost an editor their job. Nobody’s perfect, but there’s no harm in trying.

My star rating for this book is as follows:

Cover design 1/1
Story 2/2
Editing 1/2

I grade this book a good 4 star rating.

You can purchase your own copy of The Girl Upstairs through

I recommend reading it by turning a blind eye, and having an open heart.
Enjoy the read.

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