Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Cg Brumby - Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers#5

Tuesdays are one day away from hump day. Why not explore your erotic twilight fantasies and have a Tantalizing Tuesday? Enjoy the short snippets of stories here. I will endeavour to post new shorts every Tuesday. I hope you will enjoy my offerings. Please leave your comments. Thank you. - Cg

Hello to you lovers of all things sensual and erotic... Tantalizing Tuesday will be host to very short teaser stories of 200 words - no more, no less. Stories are inspired by a picture. I do hope you come back and check out our page for your next Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser... 

July 10th, 2012 - Two Timing Tango #5

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Two Timing Tango ©2012 Cg Brumby #5

Hypnotic, free-flowing, liquid moments from Betty’s arms as Arec’s hand supported the small of her back, made Tina’s rival a sight to behold. Being so close to the dance floor, she could almost smell the pheromones from their whirling bodies a few feet away. Repenting for the uncoordinated, near fatal mistake during rehearsals, the ‘if only’ demons came out to play.

“I should’ve listened to his words of caution.”

Charging into their routine without first stepping through the choreography - classic rookie mistake! Tina’s worst fear wasn’t the crash diet she’d have to endure; rather her fears revolved around the one-hundred and twenty pound, long legged, half-naked slut dancing with her partner. 

Tina hoped that Betty’s notorious reputation as a walking STD would stop Arec from dipping his cock into her contaminated vessel, but their physically demanding dance routine required the same level of stamina as a couple vigorously making love.

Watching Arec lift his temporary dance partner, proved to be the worst kind of torture. The curve of her firm ass made Tina burn with jealousy. Betty’s hands claimed Arec, and her fingers slithered like serpents beneath his clothing to rip his shirt apart.

“Damn my ankle!” Tina hissed.

Molly Synthia:


  1. Ohh passion and jealousy. Did not expect the last line. The seductive dance oh love.

  2. Tango is so hot, and you have described a possible situation so well! Loved it, great story telling!

  3. Pride and jealousy...a wicked combination and artfully described here. Loved this piece:) xo

  4. Mmmm positively wicked tinged with jealousy. Great tease

  5. Great episode there Cg. I actually laughed out of this and I was anxious to know where it leads from there.

  6. Cg, this is really good. I'm reading this flash and I'm imagining Betty's long legs wrapped around Arec's back in some classic dance maneuver - or act of passion. Her vessel may be contaminated, but that's why they make protective gear. The curve of her ass looks so good, if I was him - I'd cover up and take her in her sweet ass. Ah, I digress. Excellent story Cg, those sprained ankles can be a real pain in the ass. Muwah!!@

  7. Jealousy and rivalry, everything to make a great story! What happens next? :)

  8. I love the depth of passion and jealousy so vividly painted in this teaser. The picture is a perfect match too btw.