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Interview with Garrett Carr

***WARNING*** The interview you are about to read contains adult themes. 

Twilight Fantasies have the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive interview with hot new author, Garrett Carr.

“The Player” aka Garrett Carr, is one of the authors of Lush. His unique style of storytelling make his words flow on paper, page, or screen like warm honey. Dripping from the mouth of an expected ‘Player’ his stories will seduce. Garrett’s work reads like a lover whispering in your ear all the dirty things you know you crave to hear.  Garrett also wrote for popular men’s magazines like Hustler and Playboy. So, come on a journey with me to meet this wonderful storyteller. I am pleased to welcome our guest today, Garrett Carr. I do hope you enjoy getting to know this sexy author as much as I did.

Would you kindly share with our readers a little about your roots, where you’re from?
Born in Hollywood and raised all over the world. My family was in the shipping business worldwide. My early years were mostly in Europe and South America. Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil mostly. In the fifth grade, we went to Morocco and lived in Casablanca. Yes, there is a 'Rick's in Casablanca! My teen years were spent in California where I graduated from Beverly Hills High School. Then it was off to New York and NYU where I got my degree in journalism.

Where have you posted your literary work?
Most of my work can be seen at Lush or Booksie. But, I'm also published at stories on line, literotica, wattpad, worthyofpublishing, stories space, and a few more I can't remember. I have them all on a disc somewhere, but it's five a.m. and I have no clue where to look right now. Basically, any online publishing site I could find, hey...I slapped something up.

Do you have a publisher?
No. I had an agent who found work for me with men's magazines. In other When one writes porn for mens rags, there's nothing erotic about it. Men's magazines want action from start to finish and don't much care about the 5 w's. Not usually over three thousand words. Typically a short paragraph setting up the scenario and then it's mostly steamy action and lots of groaning and mmmm's or yes, yes, yes! Something a guy could read while he's getting a haircut and naturally the drop cloth covered his erection nicely..

Where did your passion for writing come from?
Probably my mother who was very passionate about the arts. She instilled in me early on that without the arts; music, painting, opera, sculpting, literature...the world would be all vanilla with no toppings. In my latest story, "Losing Delilah" I mentioned that I heard Shakespeare from my mom’s smoky lips (she was a chain smoker) and sat for hours in the Louve in Paris staring at the masters. I had no clue what she saw but I felt it was important so I soaked it up with my chin in my hands, elbows resting on my knees.

How do you gather inspiration for your stories?
Damn. That's the crazy part of writing. It can be anything from a sight, a sound, a smell, a neatly turned phrase I hear on TV; kids playing in a park, or simply draw something from my real life and suddenly, I have a story.

What is one of your biggest fears?
Sorry. I really don't have any fears. I live my life and let the chips fall where they may. I suppose a charging lion might inspire some fear or a crack dealer with a Glock 9 might get my attention (I have been shot. It hurts.) But, if you mean fears about writing and being accepted? I guess I fear failure. Dorothy Parker Story once said, and I am paraphrasing; "If the writer doesn't blush when writing erotica, the reader won't either." I blush a lot. So far, so good. Acceptance is universally sought by all of us that put pen to paper.

Where did the persona of ‘The Player’ originate?
My DNA first. My father was a notorious womanizer so I guess I was predisposed to play. Also, worked in bars, casinos, strip clubs and they are all conducive to that lifestyle. I was a bouncer. She was a dancer...well, you know the story.

How do you deal with a broken heart?
I get back on the horse right away. I usually have something waiting in the wings. As a player, I have learned to be prepared for the other shoe to drop, and it always does.

Favourite animal, and why?
Dogs. They love unconditionally and give me great pleasure. I've owned large breeds like my Rottweiler, Murphy who was 157pounds of terror that stood 31" at the shoulders. Sadly, Murphy is in doggie Heaven now. It took three little yappers to take his place and I love them dearly. Max is my mini Dachshund, Bailey is my Yorkie, and Bell is my little Taco Bell Chihuahua that rides with me everywhere. Hey, I might need some protection and while she weighs in at only three pounds, she tougher than a junkyard dog!

Your most gratifying sexual experience?
The Japanese Beetle fuck is damn impressive. But, kidding aside...I was sorta hoping I hadn't had it yet!

Where was the craziest place you ever got caught having sex?
Hmm. Under the table at Tavern on the Green in Manhattan. I didn't stop though until both of us completed our mission. The confessional at St. Patrick's cathedral was a tad risky, but no one stopped us. A hand over her glossy red lips quieted some of the sound, but not all.

Your views on penis size – is there such a thing as too small or too big?
I think so. Neither one gets much action. I know some basketball players that couldn't get laid in a women’s prison with a fist full of pardons.

When it comes to pussy grip, are slim women a better lay than women carrying a few extra pounds?
A woman can exercise her vaginal muscles - so chubby or stick thin...they can milk a penis if they work at it.

You write a lot of mature stories, are they based on personal experience?
Yes. All but the incest stories. Pure fiction. I get my ideas from actual incestuous couples that email me about their lives. Some are truly remarkable. They all call it the ultimate love.

Ever had a gay experience?
Hell no. That's not how I roll. I can see it in women, but men? Sorry guys. I know there are millions of happy gay couples that are males. I say good for them, but it's not for me. I love every inch of the female form. I love the smell, the taste, and the softness of a woman.

M̩nage a trios Рhow many women could you realistically handle at one given time?
I lived with a pair of highline hookers off and on for years, I currently live with my 25 year old attorney and my 20 year old ex-pool girl. We sleep three in a bed most nights. Occasionally, I think another two or three would fit nicely. I do have a mouth, two hands, two feet, and a respectable cock. Plus, I am ambidextrous.

Favourite author?
James Patterson for thrillers. Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele for romance. Stephen King for scary crap. I currently have a severe case of longing for Cg Brumby. Know her?

Haha - Your shoe size - for the lady readers…?
13 dd

Are you left, right handed, or both?

Grab a ruler, now measure the hand you use most from the heel of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. Measurement please?

Describe your sex life with one movie title.
"Body Heat"

As a writer, where do you stand on the debate of ‘All right’ vs ‘Alright’?
Definitely alright.

Do you believe erotica should be censored in closed groups on social networking sites like facebook?
I don't believe in censorship of any kind. I do think there are some things that children shouldn't be exposed to in their early years, but censorship on the whole? Bad idea from the jump. If there's ample warning that something is explicit, I should be the one to decide if it's suitable for me. Not the government.

How would you deal with someone who double crosses, or steals from you?
Swiftly, they find my boot up their ass.

From a writer’s prospective, where do you want to be in 5 years?
Alive and prospering as a writer.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Yes. I am currently in a writing competition at Lush and need your readers to run over and read my story and vote! Here's the link: Hey, it's $500 bucks and Belle needs some new clothes.
Thanks, Cg for your help and support! How about drinks place...around 8:00 pm? You must have known I would hit on you! You're stunning. And I am 'The Player'....see you there.


You are ‘The Player’ *wink* - Well, Garrett, thank you for dropping by. If you would like to catch up with this devilishly handsome player, contact him on the following links. I’ll be the one slurping on an iced coffee…

Twitter:  @eroticassassin


  1. Thanks Cg for your support and keeping it real. Often interviewers like to put their own spin on things and the interveiw suffers. These were my words and answers exactly as I said them. I own them. Love me or hate me, I am the player..

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