Friday, 20 July 2012

Literary Pit Bull

This piece is dedicated to the adorable writer/photographer's friend, the Literary Pit Bull. The Literary Pit Bull is not so cute if you're the one crossing the thin blue line. I hope this reminder of how far the arm of the law reaches will raise awareness for the rights of authors, photographers and bloggers.The name says it all. Here's a little info on the writer's best friend. Enjoy!

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Launched online, September 2011, the Literary Pit Bull is a social media justice system for writers and photographers who have had their work stolen, plagiarised, or unlawfully used. The LPB is not so cute if you're the one crossing the thin blue line. It is not a site for users to bully others. All claims posted on the page need to be fully verified before a post is made. Unauthorised postings are taken down if found to be abusive or become a personal stab at offenders.

Before posting a complaint on their site, you must first email the LPB with your case. You must be able to prove ownership or copyright by providing original links to your work as well as links to the offender's work.  If original copyright cannot be verified, the notice WILL NOT be permitted to go public, and your case will not be heard.

The Literary Pit Bull is still in it's pilot faze on facebook. Already the LPB has been helpful alerting writers and photographers of would be thieves by publicly naming and shaming offenders who have committed the crime of plagiarism and theft. These are serious offences.

Victims* of theft, or plagiarism, are encouraged to stand up for their copyrights by alerting the public that their work has been stolen. They can also use our avenue to assert their right as original author/owner of stolen work. Anyone can notify the LPB of stolen work online.

Offenders* are welcome to plead their case and offer a public apology for their crimes. They must cease all illegal activity and remove all fraudulent work. If not, they could face legal prosecution. Legal proceedings are up to the discretion of the owner of the stolen works. The LPB is NOT an online legal channel to do this, rather it is a public alert system where offences will remain on public record for future reference.

Yes. Plagiarism is a crime. One that will stick with you and your name for life.

The outcome/acceptance of an offender's apology rests entirely with the victim of the crime who had their work stolen. Sheoulf the victim of such a crime chose to pursue the matter through legal channels*, they would be within their legal right to do so.

While such name and shame tactics seem both harsh and embarrassing, the LPB hopes it will be enough to deter would be thievery. The LPB hopes the permanent mark of a public notice* will be a sign that plagiarism will not be tolerated among the literary community and an easy way to identify a potential threat to consumers/publishers.

Note to authors/bloggers/photographers - Copyright Matters! Check all copyright licenses prior to using material that is not yours. There is no such thing as a 'free image' for use as a cover art for a book. You must purchase images you wish to use on blog posts too. The LPB is a dedicated watchdog for the literary community. We're watching over you.

Don't get caught in our sights.... You will end up on the wrong side of the law.

Images purchased through Bigstock photography

A message from the Literary Pit Bull.

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The Literary Pit Bull also wishes to express that their Facebook message board is closely monitored. It does not encourage bullying of any type. It is only a public alert system and should not be abused. Their page is for real literary/copyright crimes only. Petty behaviour will not be tolerated, and comments deemed abusive WILL be removed/taken down without warming. They encourage a fair trial by public notice. 

Please email your complaints to:

You're invited to like and share their Facebook link:

*Victims - Anyone who has had their original work stolen and can prove their copyright.
*Offenders - Anyone found to be in breech of copyright, and/or who has obtained an item illegally, trying to pass it off as their own.
*Public record - Your offence will not be able to be wiped off public servers. It remains for life, and will be available for anyone to search.
*Legal channels - Your local or governmental authorities who govern the copyright laws in your country. 
*Public notice - A notice of the criminal or fraudulent act to alert the general public of the offence (**See public record.)

(Images in this post have been purchased through Bigstock and can be verified with a receipt. Unauthorised copying/reproduction of these images for public use/sale/distribution without the appropriate licence is a crime.)

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