Monday, 16 July 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #6

Tuesday, 17th July 2012

Tuesdays are one day away from hump day. Why not explore your erotic fantasies and have a Tantalizing Tuesday! You deserve it. So come and enjoy the short teasing stories that I will endeavour to bring to you each and every Tuesday. If you enjoy my offerings then feel free to show your appreciation by leaving a comment. Thank you. ~ Cg

Stranded ©2012 Cg Brumby TTT #6

Whispering trees warned me that danger lurked around the bend. The wind whipped my hair off my face as I shivered from the cold. I should have got fuel when I had the chance. Consumed by last night’s memory of heated passion, and the way his hands claimed every inch of my body, warmed my soul. But only a little.
Brad’s masculine cockiness infuriated me as much as it drew my thoughts back to his body. The gorgeous grin he lured me with lingers on my mind as I walk this long and winding road.
‘Baby, once you go black, you’ll never go back.’
My pussy quivered, remembering the thickness of his pole wedged deep inside my core. The skilled shafting he gave me ripped euphoric scream after scream from my bosom. I hated admitting that he was right. Damn him! The betraying cream on my panties made me crave to be smeared with his sexual chocolate all over again. I couldn’t go back to Tim.
An abandoned car left by the side of the road came into view. I clutched the empty Jerrycan can as I got closer.
‘Hello, snowflake…’ The words rolled off his tongue like hot butter.


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  1. Looks like she is going to get another installment, but is it really him, or a threat of another kind? Hellava tease, CG. Can't wait to read what happens next!:) xo

  2. Oh, you tease! I re-read the first line after the last, oh boy. Something is about to happen and I cant wait to find out what. You are going to write the what, right? Don't make me beg :)

  3. Yes, the words like hot butter. Delicious and makes me all hot and tingly inside. Excellent flasher and just looking at the picture you can imagine all kinds of naughtiness

  4. Ohh loved the tease. She just can't fight what she really wants. Give into it all.

  5. I absolutely love the words you use to describe everything like "hot butter" and Chocolate". Great writing.

  6. Loved this teaser! The heart and body wants what it wants!

  7. Mmmm... Chocolate...Butter... Very yummy tease! But who's waiting in the car? Could be could, could be very bad. You have me curious!

  8. As always, I was lured by the sweetness of your well crafted prose to read more... and then I am left yearning for even more. Perfect tease Cg.

  9. Loved this post! Super hot and sexy. Great pic too.