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TTT #1 Tuesday 12th June 2012 The Pool Boy

TUESDAY 12th JUNE 2012 - The Pool Boy #1

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#1 - The Pool Boy ©2012 Cg Brumby

Julio held the rigid  pole in hand. He took his job as pool boy seriously. By the time I crawled from the warmth of my bed then made my morning coffee, Julio was already cleaning the pool. The early morning sun caressed the masculine curves of his torso while the crisp, sea air kissed his erect nipples. I enjoyed the view of the pool from the balcony, even more so when Julio cleaned it.

He must have heard me open the sliding glass door. Julio gazed up in my direction. I flashed him a friendly smile then deliberately bent low over the wrought-iron table. My flimsy teddy gaped enough to show more than enough cleavage. I knew such a tantalizing view for such a healthy, young man would inspire a physical reaction.

I gave him a shy wave, but there was nothing frigid about my intention. His shorts began to grow a distinct frontal bulge. A lustful smile returned, satisfied the cougar within me. My tactics hadn’t diminished over time. The balcony’s glass barrier meant that Julio had an unobstructed view of my toned ass as I sank suggestively into my chair. Julio dropped the pool cleaning rod and disappeared.

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