Friday, 10 August 2012

Cg Brumby's Public Apology to Lendink

Early August of 2012, I saw a notice that claimed author's work was being pirated and distributed for free without the consent of the original authors. I checked the site out, and found my work there too. I read the site's bio, and thought something was not quite right. I searched the kindle message boards, since I believed the site was affiliated with Amazon due to the Amazon and Barnes & Noble logos being openly displayed at the bottom of the site's pages. 

I was confused by the bio I read and when I read a message board post that allegedly came from Amazon, I stupidly took it as proof that the site was not legit. I had in my mind 3 pieces of information that were proof enough to prompt me to send the site a Cease and Desist notice to remove my work from their site. Others were doing the same thing too, and as authors, we band together in our 'authorhood' to help one another and be there for each other to support and defend. Sadly, this time, those who started this 'rumour' got it seriously wrong. I don't believe all authors should be punished and put on a 'ban' or 'hate' list. I know my mistake was genuine, and my apology is sincere.

To publicly apologise to a complete stranger is a humbling experience, and is the right thing to do. It separates real people from those who hide behind arrogance or pride. 
I was wrong to believe a legitimate site was circulating pirated material. I was foolish in my misguided wisdom and took the gospel of Amazon as the one and only truth. 
I listened to other writer's and their freakish concerns about book piracy and plagiarism. I have been put in my place, and will not be leaving it.

There is truth and wisdom in the saying 'don't believe everything you read - or hear.' I know that now.

Dale Porter, you have my sincerest apologies for being happy about your wonderful site being taken offline. I was given misguided information, which I commented on, and for that, I am deeply sorry to have caused you grief. You were within your right to act as an affiliate for Amazon, and link owners of ebooks to others who wanted to share their books. When you get the site up and running again, you can be sure I will be there to help promote your new site. 

Again I am deeply sorry for this err, and hope you are able to forgive this poor, misguided writer.

Cg Brumby


The following is the public apology posted to Cg's facebook status:

Cg Brumby's public apology to Lendink:

Saddened by the misrepresentation that lead me (and a lot of other writers) to believe that a perfectly legitimate site formerly known as Lendink, was an illegal and a pirate site in direct violation 

of copyright laws. This statement has been proven false. Any pleasure I expressed at seeing the site disappear was misguided, and I sincerely apologise for thinking and saying so in a public forum. I have since removed the offending comment in good faith and can't apologise enough to the site owner, Dale. I hope you can get the site up and running once again. I will be your devout supporter. I am sorry to have listened to wrong advice. Please accept my heartfelt apology. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, here is a link to the comment I posted. I have deleted it, but am putting it on display for you to see that this is the statement I am deeply sorry for. It was a simple misguided error that anyone could have made. I was not part of the 'angry mob' on twitter or facebook, and yet, my comment has landed me among the masses condemned. I trust this open apology will be the first step to building a bridge over this human error. We all make them. I hope there is enough forgiveness left in the world to go around and pray there is a little piece of it reserved for me too


To my fans, I am deeply sorry for your loss of a site that provided you with a fantastic avenue to discover new authors. I apologise to you for letting you down. I will strive not to let it happen again.

To my closest friends, I am also sorry. I feel as though I have let each and every one of you down. 

To my daughter, I am sorry I have spent so much time away from you trying to make amends for my misguided beliefs. You are the most important gift in this life, and not the stroke of a keyboard. I promise to spend more time with you, my beautiful little girl. Mummy loves you, Darling. Thank you for handing me all those tissues over the past week. Your kind heart and childishly innocent generosity means the world to me.

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  1. I do hope others accept this gracious apology and let life go on and Cg to carry on writing with no fear of recriminations. It's human nature to make errors so lets turn the page. Thank you Cg for this post :)I for one stick by you