Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #9

Tuesday 14th August 2012

Behind Blue Eyes
Image purchased through www.bigstockphotography.com

Yani, the photographer, continued shooting with a lit cigarette hanging precariously from the corner of his loose lips.

‘Now, lose the corporate look.’

Chris froze in disbelief. He worked out four days a week. He wasn’t ashamed of his athletic physique. The only question plaguing his mind was, why?

I didn’t sign up for nudes…
He found his voice.

‘What for, Yani? Don’t you have enough material to use?’

‘Oy vey,’ Yani lowered his camera to take a long frustrated draught on his dwindling fag.

‘Chris, baby,’ the photographer’s charismatic, Jewish-New-Yorker accent sprang to life.

‘Don’t you want all the hot babes to go ape shit over what you got under those threads? Don’t be such a schmuck.’

Chris realised, Yani had a point.

‘Jocks for now.’ Yani squashed his cigarette stub with his boot heel. ‘Come on, come on. Think results!’ he snapped his fingers. ‘I ain’t got all day.’

Chris reluctantly began to strip down.

‘Ay-yay-yay! The body of a Greek god! The ladies are going to kvell when they see these images. They’ll be begging for a snow cone in winter!’

The camera picked up the uncertainty in Chris’ blue-eyes.

‘Okay – ’


‘Now, lose those briefs…’

That's it for this week. Hope I managed to tease you a little. To enjoy other contributors, follow their links below.

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  1. What an interesting teaser, I wonder if that naughty photographer doesn't have an ulterior motive though.
    I just wonder what might follow.
    As always, you were right on point Cg.

  2. Yes! Lose the briefs! You tease with finesse Cg, leaving me begging for more!

  3. LMAO, off from Naomi's comments. I have to say great snippet there. I love the stuff there. Great job Cg, I actually felt the scene you put there.

  4. *snicker* I think Yani has plans of his own! I like Chris' uncertainty. Wonder if the briefs come off? :)

  5. Great post- I can just picture how vulnerable he's going to look in those shots as Yani becomes progressively more persuasive :)

  6. Nice, I hope he can talk him into losing his briefs too. :) Pretty mister blue eyes is a sucker and I love it

  7. Fab post...Now I wonder what will he do? Will he just go along or stand his ground...

  8. I don't care much for the photographer, as I have seen this scene in my own life, but you have written an excellent tease without giving away a conclusion. But i still want to see him with his briefs off. Great job.

  9. Great tease makings of a very hot scene began perhaps

  10. Wow. Pretty good. Now what happens when he loses the shorts? Nice post.

  11. A successful experiment, I would say, Cg. Great dialogue, funny and teasing, bringing the reader right into the situation. Much fun - very enjoyable.

  12. Hold it...does he lose the briefs???? Loved this TT. :)

  13. so, does he lose them? and does the photographer get what I suspect he wants??