Sunday, 9 September 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #10

Tuesday 11th September 2012

Erotic Debutante 
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        My breathing quickened. The cool hard steel of the dance pole rubbed sweetly against my sex. Sure, my lace panties were the only thing between us, but as the smoke rose around me, my hand grew bold on its journey up my naked thigh. Sensually I ground my hips so close to that pole as my other hand stroked at it in a suggestive manner.

      ‘Always remember to keep a ‘come fuck me’ expression in your eyes, baby.’ Carter coached from the shadows.

      I obeyed. Throbbing from the grinding motion, I had to resist the urge to touch myself. I ached to come.

      ‘Drop your sweet, fuckable mouth open a little. That’s it baby. Entice me with your luscious lips.’

     Carter’s words made me feel so dirty that I wanted to prove I could handle centre stage. My hands reached for my panties and turning my back to the pole I peeled them away; shimmying my athletic ass up and down against the cold hard object that caused my pleasurable frustration.

     ‘Good….good!’ Carter’s breath caught in a hoarse whisper. ‘Spin for me.’

     Yes, a Showgirl spin would show him everything and more.

     ‘Oh, Angela!’ he groaned. ‘You’re my Erotic Debutante.’


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  1. teasing him while teasing us. Good girl. I thought her expression was odd, good use of it in the piece. I thought she looked scared or surprised... maybe part of the reason I didn't quite hit off on this on emotionally.

  2. Very nice, Love! The way you have her responding to the instructions, the way he's telling her how to "appear" to be turned on...brilliant. Excellent.

  3. Sexy post, l loved this, l could feel every move she made! Hot!

  4. Now what was something erotic I would definitely talk about. Cg, very excellent post. I hope to see this in a story very soon.

  5. Excuse me. I have to pick my jaw up from the floor. WOW, WOW, WOW! That was a sweet tease!

  6. Think Carter's going to like working with her! Hot and sexy, Cg.

  7. Great post.... would like to read more.

  8. Very sexy, I could see her spinning, eroticism flowing through her body to the extreme. Great teaser