Saturday, 13 October 2012

Book Review - Savage Redemption

ISBN: 9781743062951

Author: Alexis Morgan

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon

Format/s: Paperback & eBook

Reviewed by: Cg Brumby

Loved this thrilling, sexy read! I could have kept reading more of this book. For years I had always associated the Mills & Boon label with hearts and flowers romance type reads... Reading Savage Redemption has changed my perception of the label - in a good way.

I found this book to be driven by a love/hate relationship and a conscientious battle to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. I enjoyed the heat and flow of this book too. The sexual tension between protagonists had an electrifying current throughout the book. The sex scenes are mildly erotic and pain a vivid picture that is sure to make any hot blooded reader squirm while reading. 

In all honesty, I didn't find myself buying into the Vampire element of the book. Vampires are meant to be strong, bold, mythical creatures of darkness - real terrifying predatory creatures. The Vamps in this book came across as weaklings, using human weaponry to defend their estates and who lived in fear of being shot by bullets. 

The hybrid human/vamp cross element made the story interesting, I didn't buy this book for the Vamp element, but curiosity was what kept me reading. I was able to escape into a parallel world where these imaginary creatures really existed. I loved it.

I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this heart thumping, nail biting, sexy read too. Definitely worth it.

Cover: 1/1
Story: 2/2
Editing: 2/2

I rate this book a fabulous 5!

I also highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of this book. I can't wait to read the others!

To interact with Alexis Morgan, follow this link to her website where you will find all her amazing book titles and purchase information.

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