Friday, 26 October 2012

Saturday's Poetic Expressions #2 - Halloween

Welcome to our second, Saturday's Poetic Expressions edition. This week we have a treat for you with the addition of three new authors who are contributing to this week's theme:-

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C.J. McNally
C.Thomas Grey
Sonja Archer
Cg Brumby
Gemma Parkes
Sylvia G. Walker 

Because this is a themed contribution, all author's posts will be included on the one page. Hope you enjoy reading! Don't forget to label your comments with @ followed by the author you wish to leave a comment for. 
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Poetic Expressions – 27th October 2012

The Witch, a Pumpkin and a Broomstick
©2012 C.J. McNally

Cauldron bubble and boil well
This witch doesn’t need Duracell
A pumpkin and broomstick
Are gifts from old St. Nick
To rock ‘n ride out the night
Giving hawkers one hellava fright!

Front Door 
© 2012 C. Thomas Grey

Vampires, bunnies and ghosts galore
Keep beating a path to my front door…
Action heroes, bunnies and a whore
Are knocking on my front door…
Witches, goblins and more
Now number eighty-four…
Time for a little misbehaviour
In the room upstairs that I adore…
Where passion awaits my slutty whore
Who came a knocking on my front door…

Little Monsters 
©2012 Sonja Archer 

Martha does it with finesse
Crafting Jack-o-lanterns
There is so much mess!

Creepy cob webs galore
Decorations to rival Christmas
Kids knocking at the door

Shall I trick or give a treat
Water cannons and pebble candy ready
Watch the brats beat a hasty retreat

Raising the dead
© 2012 Cg Brumby

Darkness turns daylight to Twilight
The sound of knocking is indeed so sweet
Come be my feeding partner tonight
As candy seeking zombies prowl the street

Compelled by glee to join the primitive revelry
Tonight is a celebration for waking dead
Running through the streets unabashedly
They embrace the guise of our killer inbred

The cloak of darkness covers all
Until the dawn when disaster is revealed
Indiscretion will be our only downfall
And then our fate will be sealed


Title Unavailable
©2012 Gemma Parkes

The dark surrounds me and l breathe it in,
In the distance l hear something…shuffling,
I can’t see the door, can’t remember which direction it is,
Are you here with me?
I feel a touch, so light and soft,
My feet are stuck, immobile.
Dare l speak through the fog?
What if someone heard me?
I back away slowly,
There must be a wall somewhere close,
There it is again…shuffling,
I reach the wall, fall back through it,
Down l spiral through cold thick fog,
I scream but remain silent,
As l land amongst the many souls.

©2012 Sylvia G. Walker

Oh my god
I can't breathe
Walls are caving in
Am I in a box?
It's too dark
I can't see
What's that noise?
Nose, gone
Hands and feet, stiff
Eyes glued shut
Mouth sewn shut
Head, stiff
Body, cold
Heart's not beating
I can't move
Oh, eternal slumber
Come to me

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