Monday, 22 October 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers #12

Welcome to the art of the tease where we present a snippet of a story designed to leave you wanting more. The challenge is 200 words - no more, no less. Hope you have been entertained.

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Who Are You Calling Weak? ©2012 – C.J. McNally

Darian threw Carla down on the bed.  He tore her clothes off and grabbed a hold of her legs, parting them as he pinned her to the bed with his warm weight.  A single probing hip thrust claimed her wanting sex. This will teach you to argue with me, he thought as he focused all his energy on penetrating her core. He wasn’t about to be called weak.
Trying to harness the friction their bodies crafted, Carla threw her arms over the edge of the bed to stop falling off with each vigorous intrusion. The powerful tremors rocked her to the core as his thrusting and grunting kicked up from hard and fast to intense. Hanging onto the edge of euphoria with each penetrative thrust, Carla’s breathy moans threatened to break her all too soon.
‘I’m going to fill you till you squirt for me,’ Darian’s hoarse voice groaned along-side her neck as he pumped in and out of her. ‘Then you’ll see who can last the longest!’
‘We ought to fight more often,’ Carla panted. ‘Make-up-sex ….is… so… hot... Ah!’
‘Not yet,’ Darian slapped her arse as pouring muscles clenched around him, wetting the tangled bed sheets. ‘Don’t come!’
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  1. If I enjoyed reading it?!? You must be kidding, of course! You don't know me. I just came 3 times and need a bucket of ice and a cigarette! I don't smoke, but I am smokin' hawt now! I loved it, love the get even passion and fervor! Loved it! Welcum, don't ever leave us:) xo

  2. It was demanding... It was Dom.... I am burning here.... Loved it!!! Awesome with the demands and the descriptions... So vivid.... I loved it....

  3. OMG, Crystal! You blew that one out of the park. Job well done. Your job here is secure for sure - Ice! I need ice! That piece had me tingling from head to toe...

  4. I hadda come back and have another 'piece' of that passion pie.!!!!:) xo

  5. Mmmm that was hot hot sizzling!!!! Passion to extreme. Great stuff hon

  6. Wow! Scorching and quite... vivid. ;)

  7. Holy smokes Cg! What a scene! I really enjoy your work and I want to ask where else can I purchase it besides B&N. Nice post!

  8. Welcome to the group! Hot, horny post! Loved it!

  9. Hot and erotic scene. I especially like the sentence at the end, "Don't come".

  10. Very hot and erotic scene described perfectly. Great tease