Friday, 2 November 2012

Saturday's Poetic Expressions - #3

Saturday 3rd November 2012


This week we welcome new comers to the group, Ray Sostre and Ray Comics. We're still waiting for a few to catch up. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy the contributions of C.Thomas Grey and Cg Brumby!

Our Lady of Liberty
©2012 – Cg Brumby

Your torch shines on everyone,
Liberty and justice for all.
But where will the homeless go?
When the sea rises up to devour us.
It’s time to flee our cardboard homes,
Staying would spell suicide.
No transport, no security,
No place to run and hide.
Franken storm is coming.
No mercy will it show,
To rich and poor alike
It will devour all in its path.
Indiscriminately it will roar.
Clearing out our homes,
We didn’t have much to begin with.
At least we heard the call,
To flee the danger zone.
On foot we dragged our belongings,
Helped others along our way.
Fleeing to higher ground.
Hoping the storm would not find us,
By taking shelter wherever we could.
When will we return to our majestic city?
To the place we call our home…
Our homes are still there for all to see,
Washed clean on the city streets.
It’s hard to be a refugee,
When your home is made of hard concrete.

Mother Nature’s Fury
©2012 – C. Thomas Grey

Gust and spray
We cannot stay
Night will fall
Heed the call
Flee from danger
Comfort a stranger
Devastation and rage
Clean-up this stage
Stars and stripes
Forget your gripes
Unite as one
Bang the drum
Harbour at peace
Sigh of release
Return to work
Carry the hurt
Life is pain
Remember those slain
Next time run
You unlucky one
Take to flight
You can’t fight
The ultimate jury
Mother Nature’s fury

Beyond The Eye of Destruction
© 2012 - Ray Sostre

The Eye of Destruction lied before me.
Two towers down and then pure darkness.
A decade of emptiness once filled my heart.
As time moved, my heart healed, and then there was just...
My beloved city.
My beloved world.
Shining once again with closure.
Soon, the land that rejected no one was suddenly faced with another terror
A terror no man could ever accomplish
It came from the north, the south, from the east, and headed out west
It left a path of destruction, but we survived.
Now, we met her big sister – the one with a bigger touch.
Wherever she roamed, she brought an army of destruction.
The City that Never Sleeps suddenly stood still.
Across the land, I saw those who didn’t deserve that fate, but it happened.
A cloud of darkness filled with confusion and uncertainty.
And when storm cleared, I saw a path of destruction
Livelihoods torn away
Ones who stood by you are now missing or no longer around.
The news was spread around the globe, I noticed how much empathy was sent out.
Despite what differences they had in the past, I saw people working to save each other.
I noticed people who realized that lives mattered over politics and pride.
And everyone was coming together - a helping hand.
I noticed they looked beyond the eyes of destruction
Let the healing begin…
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