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Aphrodite - Gods of Olympus

Excerpt from Aphrodite - Gods of Olympus. The author has granted permission for this portion of the book to be available for free here. Copyright laws still apply and this work remains the property of C.J. McNally. Reproduction of this text in part or in full is strictly forbidden. Penalties exceed $20,000. Plagiarism and book piracy is a crime.

Aphrodite©2012 C.J. McNally

Being banished by Hera is something none of us took well. In some way, shape or form of another we are all 

in this mess together. Hera isn’t my mother and I wouldn’t want her to be either, but she is my queen. I can 

only imagine how hurt she must have been to discover her husband, Zeus cheating on her - again. Olympus is 

hardly the place to promote fidelity when there are so many pleasures to tempt and entice one into straying 

from the matrimonial course.

I too committed such a sin, but you could hardly blame me when my husband couldn’t fulfill his manly duties. 

Being the sexually charged, fertile siren that I am, Zeus thought it would balance my ego to marry beneath 

me. Forced into marring Hera’s son, Hephaestus, I couldn’t help but stray from my ugly, lame spouse. Sure 

our marriage might have raised his reputation, but fucking him was torture of the worst kind with his tiny 

penis. It didn’t bring me any pleasure after having sampled the delights of his mighty brother, Ares.

I push the past from my mind. I don’t want to remember what is there. Painful memories are better left to 

rest. I am in need of a hero; a real-life fucking Adonis with fire in his veins and an insatiable appetite like my 

own. I glance down at my perfect lover. If I am to spend the rest of my days as a human, at least I have 

access to the man who ignites my eternal flame.

Sleeping beside me, personified in all his bronzed masculine glory is Ares. Leaning into his relaxed bulging 

bicep, my plump nipple grazes his skin. Feverish lips kiss his sculpted torso, searching sweaty skin for the 

peak of his aroused nipple.

Moist lips meet hardened peak and gently suck while my silky soft hand kneads and tweaks at its twin. My 

leg curls around one of his parted thighs and feminine lips rub slowly against his lightly haired flesh. 

He stirs with a muffled moan and a gentle hip thrust as his hand caresses up and down my spine. Even 

sleeping he is magnificent in my eyes. With sensual greed my hands wander down over the tattoo; a diving 

phoenix with its head down across his abdomen. A journey my body craves to make once more.

I slide my naked body to cover him and his eyelids drift open. Warm brown eyes meet the unadulterated lust 

in the azure of mine, and a smile creases the corner of his mouth.

‘Morning lover,’ is the breathy greeting I give him as my mouth plants light kisses up the side of his neck then 

along his jawline, edging closer toward his lips.

‘Hmmm,’ his appreciative moan is a welcome aphrodisiac to my senses. He holds me close, devouring each 

kiss with such hunger that it sends delicious tingles deep throughout my soul.


The way my name rolls of his tongue as he clasps his hands either side of my head, letting his fingers weave 

through my long golden tresses, ignites my eternal flame. Our bodies are adorned with sweat from the heat of 

the summer sun. The Corinthian columns of our palace are bathed in a warm golden glow. This is heaven and 

the world is our oyster as we share ourselves unashamed of prying eyes. Light filters through to our resting 

place and licks at our skin as our bodies begin to move toward the inevitable coupling we both hunger for.

Words are for peasants. Our bodies communicate in the language of love fueled by languid sensual grinding 

and smoldering erotic stares. It is I who break first and sit astride his hips. Feeling the powerful strength in 

the muscles of his manly form, my wanting sex teases the head of his steely organ. Strong hands grip my 

buttock cheeks. Ares spreads them as his fingertips to caress the moist fleshy folds where nectar flows freely 

from the well within.

Heat, longing and insatiable appetite consume us both as Ares takes claim to what belongs to him. Grabbing 

a hold of his impressive length, he pushes as I sit to welcome him inside, and we are lost in this moment.

Delicious shudders flood my body feeling the fullness of him packed deep in there. His skilled hands seek 

mine as he stills himself inside me. Our eyes met as our fingers entwine before I begin the luxurious ride up 

and down his column. Pulsating veins throb along his shaft as my charms grip and choke his member with 

lust. The penetrating phallus excites my core.

Fuck, he’s so hot!

Our breathing quickens as physical exertion increases. A faster more urgent pace has his hands sweeping 

and kneading my breasts in his palms. Skilled fingers brush and tweak my engorged nipples. Oh! He knows 

how to drive my body to the rhythm of his hunger. Hard violent hip thrusts and painfully strong hands claim 

me from head to toe.

Animalistic groans escape his mouth and he throws his head back as my hips circle and clamp him deep 

inside me. I am milking his fat cock for all he has to give me. I am greedy for his seed. The sheets are stained 

with our passion from the previous night. Our palace of passion will soon be lost as the rest of the house 

wake and our sexual greed for one another will need to find a place to hide until nightfall.

The goddess in me falls apart around him and I bend back to grab his ankles as the eruption builds; breaking 

the dam and squirting his abdomen with sweet heavenly bliss.

He abruptly sits up then forcibly reefs my body into his arms. One hand holds me close at my back while the 

other possessively cups my ass. His fingers press into my skin. Feverish lips bite the side of my neck as the 

warmth of his seed tickles and trickles with gravity down to pool in delicious thick globs of sticky cream 

between our freshly fucked loins.

Profusely sweating, I’m high on euphoric clouds of ecstasy. Panting heavily, we hold each other and fall back 

to earth where mortals live. Reality awaits us as determined footsteps approach with haste. Swiftly we fall 

still coupled together, neither wanting this moment to end.

The double doors to the terrace fly open.

Ares pulls out quickly and the movement causes delightful friction that makes me squeal with pleasure. He 

stands in all his naked glory to intimidate the scrappy servant grovelling in the doorway.

‘What is it?’ the proud and annoyed voice of my lover commands.

‘My Lord,’ grovels the shabby looking house servant who does not dare look up at us. ‘Your father is 

angered by this union.’

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  1. Beautifully written, extremely hot and erotic. Wonderful writing