Saturday, 9 February 2013

EROTOSMUTTICA - Submission Call

We're calling for submissions for our Christmas 2013 release - EROTOSMUTTICA! 

We're looking for stories that are full of heat and filth - the smuttier the better. 

Stories should be close to 5,000 word count (give or take 100 words.)

Authors are encouraged to submit at least 3 stories for consideration for inclusion to the collection. 

Stories don't need to carry a Christmas theme.

Each story MUST be submitted as a word document - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Typeface needs to be Times New Roman 12 point. 

DO NOT use paragraph indentations. 

Please use single line space (hit enter twice) to begin a new paragraph.

Each story submission must begin with a disclosure that reads similar to this:
"This story contains explicit sexual adult content. All characters are either 18 or over."

The author needs to assert his or her copyright that they are the original owner/writer of their submission and that the story has not been published elsewhere; either in print or online. Plagiarism is a crime and we will not tolerate other author's work being solicited if it belongs to someone else.

Royalty payments from sales are paid via PayPal, bi-annually.

We're looking for stories from the hottest erotic genres:


Please forward your email submission with 'EROTOSMUTTICA' in the subject line and attach your document/s. In the body text of the email please provide us with a brief bio about yourself and synopsis about each story you submit.

Submission deadline is 25th April 2013.

Successful submissions will be notified by email and offered a contract to publish with us by 10th May 2013.

If you don't hear back from us by 10th May 2013, your submission was unsuccessful.

We will not accept stories containing rape, bestiality* (sex with animals) or violence.
*Paranormal characters like werewolves and shapeshifters are exempt from this clause.

Please send your submissions to:

Thank you.

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