Sunday, 15 September 2013

Get 50% off the retail price for a limited time only!

That's right folks. 

For SMASHWORDS readers only, we're giving you 50% off the retail price of The Beach House - Third Edition by Cg Brumby.

This book has sold so many copies on other platforms such as Barnes & Noble, Sony and Kobo, that a new edition had to be created to keep up! The Third Edition is an extended version of the original and has been re-edited to treat our audience with something a little special.

To celebrate the release of the Third Edition, we're giving you a 50% discount on the Smashwords retail price, but only up until 14th December 2013.

Simply go to
 and click 'buy'. Enter this coupon code  SZ72E at the checkout to receive 50% off the sale price. 

It's that simple! Get in early to beat the x-mas rush.

This offer does not apply to other retail outlets, or for other editions/versions of this book. Soon, the Third Edition will be the only edition available for Cg Brumby's contemporary romance, The Beach House.

Due to the adult content of this title, it is not suitable for children, or persons under the age of Eighteen.

We thank you for taking the time to appreciate the hard work of Indie Authors, and for supporting us.

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